Monthly Archives: December 2017

Border Patrol Agent Hospitalized After Rock Attack

A Border Patrol agent patrolling the border on an ATV was hospitalized after being assaulted with a large rock. The attack occurred a few miles east of the San Ysidro Port of Entry in a known human smuggling area.

Federal Court Rules that HS Football Player Can’t Be Forced to Stand During the National Anthem

A federal court has ruled that a high school in California cannot force a protesting player to stand for the national anthem.

Burger King issues refund for Croissan’wich customers as part of lawsuit settlement

Those who purchased a Croissan’wich between October 1, 2015 and Mary 19, 2017 may be entitled to a refund.

The GOP Tax Bill Makes A Lot More Sense Featured In ‘The Shining’

All work and no Mar-a-Lago make Trump a dull boy.

Trump: ‘Why Would Smart Voters Want to Put Democrats in Congress,’ People Much Better Off Now

President Trump asked Americans why they would vote for Democrats in 2018 when they continue to benefit from tax cuts and strong borders.

Reporter’s Notebook: Solar eclipse to Hurricane Irma, mass shootings and California fires

It’s a streak nobody wants to be in. Starting with the eclipse in August, it seemed like a breaking news story happened every day and I ended up at almost every single one.

Bronx fire: Footage shows ravaged insides of NYC apartment building after deadly blaze

New York City firefighters have released startling footage of the insides of an apartment building ravaged by a deadly fire last week that killed a dozen people.

UN leader issues ‘red alert’ for unity in 2018

The secretary-general of the United Nations is issuing a “red alert” for more unity in 2018 after what he calls a year of setbacks.

Trump-hating media ring out 2017 with continuing attacks on him; and other media failures

The media still can’t accept Trump as president and continues attacking him.

Here Are 21 Celebrity Coming Out Stories That Moved Us In 2017

A heartfelt congrats to Rutina, Brandon, Gia … and more!