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Plane Crashes And Burns In Costa Rica, Killing All 12 Aboard

All 10 passengers and 2 crew members aboard the flight were killed, reported Costa Rica’s Ministry of Public Safety.

‘Safe zone’ for women aims to stop New Year’s refugee sex attacks in Berlin

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Berlin will see a “safe zone” for women for the first time in the city’s history.

Congress returns to Trump’s infrastructure plan, looming deadlines on spending, immigration

Congress returns next week facing several looming challenges leading with President Trump’s call to promptly strike an infrastructure deal and agreeing to a temporary spending deal to avoid a government shutdown.

12-year-old charged in fatal shooting of 16-year-old

Police in Tennessee say a 12-year-old girl fatally shot another girl and is being charged with criminal homicide.

Polish leader focuses on constitution in New Year’s address

Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has invited his countrymen to help shape the nation’s constitution in 2018, which marks a key national anniversary.

Los Angeles Gamer Arrested After Police ‘Swatting’ Death

Police arrested a Los Angeles man on Friday after he made a revenge prank call — a “swatting” — to police in Kansas about a potential hostage incident that resulted in the police killing an innocent man.

‘You just can’t tweet here’: Graham urges Trump to lay out Iran strategy

Washington Post, by Elise Viebeck Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Sun, 31 06 2017 08:06:54 GMT Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) called on President Trump to lay out his strategy toward Iran as the country faces its largest protests since 2009, saying such a move would help bolster the United States in its conflict with North Korea. Predicting that the new year will be one of “opportunity and extreme danger,” Graham said Trump should withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement in 2018 and give a national address explaining his approach. Graham warned that North Korea is watching how the United States conducts itself as protests in Iran continue for a third day, and he said that Trump’s tweeting of support for the Iranian people

Plane with 12 believed aboard crashes in Costa Rica

The Costa Rican government says that a plane believed to be carrying 12 people has crashed in a wooded area.

Facebook, Google could face new tax in Britain for failing to tackle extremism

Tech giants like Google and Facebook, already under fire for not doing enough to combat extremism and fake news, could face new taxes in the United Kingdom if a government official has his way.

Climate Expert James Hansen: New York Will Have Vanished Underwater by Midnight!

New Years Eve in Times Square NYC
Say goodbye to Lower Manhattan, everybody! By midnight tonight, it will be gone forever—drowned by the melting icecaps of the disappearing Arctic. Obviously this will be quite sad for people who live in New York. But it will be a tremendous vindication for the expertise of James Hansen, the former director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) who saw this disaster coming as far back as 2008. In the highly unlikely event that James Hansen is proved wrong and New Yorkers wake up tomorrow morning to find their city unsubmerged it could prove somewhat embarrassing. Not so much for Hansen, perhaps, who appears to have no sense of embarrassment or shame. But definitely—or so you’d hope—for all the politicians, environmental activists, teachers and so on who have spent the last few decades giving so much credence to his experty expertise. It was Hansen, remember, who basically launched the whole global warming scare. Hansen was the guy who in 1988 declared at a packed congressional hearing, as sweat visibly poured from his brow, that “the earth is warmer in 1988 than at any time in the history of instrumental measurements.” Though this claim was disowned by his former supervisor