Monthly Archives: December 2017

Louisiana Man Accused of Wire Fraud, Money Laundering in ‘Nigerian Prince’ Email Scam

A Louisiana man was arrested for allegedly swindling people out of thousands of dollars through a “Nigerian prince” email scam.

Tiny Bird Found In Cockpit Forces Delta Flight To Make A U-Turn

The unwelcome passenger was later trapped and set free.

Tennessee girl, 12, charged in deadly shooting of her 16-year-old friend

A 12-year-old Tennessee girl has been charged as a juvenile with killing another girl in her grandmother’s apartment with a stolen gun, the Nashville Metro Police Department said Sunday.

Chilling Reason Disney is Eliminating ‘Do Not Disturb’ Door Hangers is a Sign of the Times

Recently the Walt Disney World resort chain began to phase out those familiar “do not disturb” hotel door hangers that seem to have been around since forever. But the chilling reason this is being done seems to be a sign of the times in which we live.

President Trump’s Top Six Pro-Gun Moments of 2017

From the moment President Trump hit the campaign trial till now he has been a vocal supporter of the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

Trump fires back at Rouhani slam amid deadly Iran protests

President Trump fired back Sunday at Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who’d broken his silence on rare, widespread and deadly protests breaking out inside the Islamic Republic.

US closer than ever to ‘nuclear war with North Korea,’ Mullen says

Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen on Sunday gave a dire predication about U.S.-North Korea relations, suggesting the countries are closer than ever to a nuclear war with no diplomatic solution.