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Cleveland Browns Just Made NFL History For An Unfortunate Reason

Welp, you can’t win them all (or any of them, as it turns out).

The 11 Best President Donald Trump Photos of 2017

donald trump
Donald Trump had several ups and downs in the first year of his presidency, but he always appeared to enjoy his new job as president of the United States. Here are some of the best photos from 2017. 11) Soon Photographers captured President-elect Donald Trump on Inauguration Day awaiting the ceremony at the Capitol. 10) Merry Christmas! As the Christmas season drew near, President Trump wanted to show Americans that it was cool to say Merry Christmas again. During a speech on tax reform, Trump pointed at a sign at his rally to remind the world of his promise. 9) Turn it up! Donald Trump continued his campaign rallies in 2017, even though he was already president of the United States. At this Phoenix rally, the president reacted to the crowd as one of his favorite songs played on the stage. President Donald Trump reacts to the song as he arrives at a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center, Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) 8) Paper towels for everyone! During a visit to the hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, President Trump gave supplies to a group of people hit by the storm. At one point, he played to the crowd by tossing rolls

Prince Philip Jokes ‘Is That a Terrorist?’ At Bearded Ginger Man, Media Freaks Out

Prince Philip reportedly made the subject of one of his customarily politically incorrect jokes “burst out laughing” while the media establishment freaked out over a remark on New Years’ Eve

As 2017 ends, Republicans struggle to counter a Democratic wave

Los Angeles Times, by David Lauter Posted By: JoniTx- Sun, 31 00 2017 10:00:22 GMT The clock is ticking on the Republican majority in Congress: The GOP has just over 10 months to avoid a rout in 2018.Republicans could do it. They have time and several important factors on their side: a good economy, low crime rates, achievements of significance to the party´s followers.Nevertheless, as 2017 closes, almost all signs point toward big Democratic gains next year, largely driven by President Trump´s widespread unpopularity. And some of the pugnacious instincts that helped the president win election a year ago may now be worsening his party´s dilemma.Midterm elections “are a referendum on the party in power,”

Terror Fears Prompt Major Cities to Boost Surveillance and Security for New Year’s Eve

Recent terror attacks at celebratory events have law enforcement officials in major cities stepping up their counter-terrorism efforts in unprecedented ways.

Indianapolis Colts fire coach Chuck Pagano after 4-12 season

The Indianapolis Colts fired coach Chuck Pagano on Sunday, less than two hours after they ended a 4-12 season with a 22-13 victory over Houston.

Trump tweet says Iran has now SHUT OFF the internet as rioting get violent…

El Trumpo says that Iran has shut off the internet as protests get more violent. The Hill reports that this happened earlier this weekend: The president’s tweet comes after the Iranian government . . .

Louisiana Man Accused of Wire Fraud, Money Laundering in ‘Nigerian Prince’ Email Scam

A Louisiana man was arrested for allegedly swindling people out of thousands of dollars through a “Nigerian prince” email scam.

Tiny Bird Found In Cockpit Forces Delta Flight To Make A U-Turn

The unwelcome passenger was later trapped and set free.

Tennessee girl, 12, charged in deadly shooting of her 16-year-old friend

A 12-year-old Tennessee girl has been charged as a juvenile with killing another girl in her grandmother’s apartment with a stolen gun, the Nashville Metro Police Department said Sunday.