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Matt Lauer reportedly seeking $30 million from NBC following firing for sexual harassment

It seems Matt Lauer’s battle at NBC is not quite over. New reports indicate that the star’s lawyers are hoping to get him a reported $30 million for his contract that was supposed to take him through 2018.

Baltimore officer shot in hand is released from hospital

A Baltimore police officer shot in his hand during a struggle with a man has been released from the hospital.

Cop Accuser Implodes in Breitbart Interview, Admits to Making Unsupported Claims About Roy Moore

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — Faye Gary, a former police officer with the Gadsden Police Department in Alabama, has been featured in the news in recent days making the unsubstantiated claim that she was told to protect young cheerleaders from Roy Moore at lo…

Transgender student sues Illinois district over locker room

A suburban Chicago school district that previously faced a federal complaint over a transgender student’s use of a girls’ locker room is now facing a lawsuit over the issue.

Trump Excludes LGBTQ People From World AIDS Day Proclamation

The president’s tribute to those living with HIV felt lacking at best.

Jimmy Kimmel sends comedian to INTERRUPT Roy Moore speaking at church, twitter feud ensues

Some idiot interrupted Roy Moore while he was speaking at a church yesterday, and it turned out that he was sent by Jimmy Kimmel. Watch below: Roy Moore shot back with a . . .

Supreme Court Asks New Questions About Privacy and Phone Tracking Technology

The Supreme Court held oral argument in Carpenter v. United States on Wednesday, a significant case involving the Fourth Amendment and technology. The question facing… Read More

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Prosecution of Blackwater Contractors Continues Under Trump DOJ, Despite Growing Doubts

The Trump administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is continuing the prosecution of four former employees of Blackwater, the military contractor that was involved in a 2007 shootout in a public square in Baghdad, Iraq.

Senate Ethics Committee opens ‘preliminary inquiry’ into Al Franken allegations

The Senate Ethics Committee said Thursday that it had opened a ‘preliminary inquiry’ into groping allegations against Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn.

These Are The Facebook Ads Trump Only Wants His Loyal Supporters To See

“Fake news” media, liberal obstructionists and the San Francisco 49ers are all targets of his fundraising fury.