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The Latest: Ohio court weighs condemned killer's appeal

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Catholic leaders decry Dems' questioning of judicial pick

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Sputnik News Under FBI Investigation As Russian Propaganda Arm

Newsweek Magazine, by Jack Moore Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Mon, 11 51 2017 04:51:36 GMT The FBI has questioned the White House correspondent of Sputnik over claims that the Russian news agency operates as a propaganda arm for the Kremlin. Former Sputnik employee Andrew Feinberg, who downloaded a slew of emails and documents before he was fired from the company in May, was questioned for more than two hours on September 1 about Sputnik´s “internal structure, editorial processes and funding.” (Snip) Sputnik is funded by the Russian government and has long been suspected in the U.S. of playing a propaganda role for Russia alongside state-controlled news agency Russia Today. If it was acting as a

To Neutralize the North Korean Threat, America Must First Understand the North Korean Regime

National Review Online, by Nicholas Eberstadt Posted By: Virtudawg- Mon, 11 00 2017 05:00:24 GMT Our seemingly unending inability to fathom Pyongyang’s true objectives, and our attendant proclivity for being taken by surprise over and over again by North Korean actions, is not just a matter of succumbing to Pyongyang’s strategic deceptions . . . We have absolutely no common point of reference with the worldview, or moral compass, or first premises of the closed’society decision makers who control the North Korean state. Americans’ first instincts are to misunderstand practically everything the North Korean state is really about.

Exclusive: Gowdy Wonders If Democrats Are ‘Fearful’ Trump Dossier Is ‘A Piece Of Fiction’

Daily Caller, by Chuck Ross Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 11 11 2017 05:11:00 GMT Democrats are “fearful” that the Trump dossier is “a piece of fiction,” one that the FBI used to form the basis of its investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government. That’s one theory that South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy is proposing for why Democrats are pushing back so hard against a GOP effort to get answers about the dossier from the FBI and Justice Department. In an interview with The Daily Caller, the House Intelligence Committee member addressed claims from his Democratic colleagues and some in the media that he and his fellow Republicans are attempting

Israeli official: Netanyahu must push Trump to end Iran deal

Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Mon, 11 13 2017 05:13:00 GMT A top deputy to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Israeli leader must push President Donald Trump to cancel or freeze the international community’s nuclear deal with Iran. Yisrael Katz, Israel’s minister for intelligence and strategic affairs, told a security conference on Monday that changing the deal should be Netanyahu’s “primary mission.” Katz said the world’s failed attempts to negotiate a halt to North Korea’s nuclear program provide a lesson. “Iran is the new North Korea,” he said. “We need to act now so we won’t be sorry tomorrow about what we didn’t do yesterday.” The deal offered Iran relief from

Trump Remembers 9/11 Victims: We Pledge Our Resolve to Keep Our People Safe

Washington Free Beacon, by David Rutz Posted By: JoniTx- Mon, 11 15 2017 05:15:25 GMT President Donald Trump said Monday that America can honor the lives lost in the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history on Sept. 11, 2001, by resolving to keep its people safe. Speaking at the Pentagon in Washington, where 184 people were killed when terrorists crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the building, Trump told the families of the victims that the nation grieved with them. “Each family here today represents a son or daughter, a sister or brother, a mother or father who was taken from you on that terrible, terrible day,” he said. “But no force on Earth can

9/11–We Forgot

Breitbart Big Government, by Brigitte Gabriel Posted By: earlybird- Mon, 11 32 2017 05:32:06 GMT September 11th, 2001 brought indescribable terror and heartache to our nation. But in the aftermath, a tsunami of unity and patriotism washed over our shor…