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Hurricane Harvey Victims Need Diapers, Tampons And Pads Desperately

“Periods don’t stop for hurricanes.”

5 Couples Get Honest About Being In A Mixed Race Marriage In 2017

It’s been fifty years since Loving v. Virginia.

Sec. James Mattis: Reports Suggesting He Disagrees with Trump Are ‘Ludicrous’

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Thursday slammed news reports suggesting he was breaking with the president on North Korea a day earlier.

House to vote on self’driving car legislation next week

Reuters, by David Shepardson Posted By: zephyrgirl- Thu, 31 37 2017 11:37:06 GMT (Reuters) ‘ The U.S. House of Representatives will vote Wednesday on a sweeping proposal to speed the deployment of self’driving cars without human controls and bar states from blocking autonomous vehicles, congressional aides said. The bill, which was passed unanimously by a House panel in July, would allow automakers to obtain exemptions to deploy up to 25,000 vehicles without meeting existing auto safety standards in the first year, a cap that would rise to 100,000 vehicles annually over three years. Automakers and technology companies including General Motors Co and Alphabet Inc’s’ self’driving unit Waymo have been pushing for new federal

Judge orders feds to release details of FBI’s Clinton email probe

Washington Times, by Stephen Dinan Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Thu, 31 46 2017 11:46:29 GMT A federal judge ordered the FBI Thursday to disclose more details about how it handled its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s secret email account. U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg said court papers describing the grand jury subpoenas the FBI obtained to compel information from Mrs. Clinton’s Internet service providers can be made public. In doing so, he overruled objections by the Trump administration that had insisted making the information public would violate grand jury secrecy rules. “After reviewing the document in camera, the Court concludes that it largely rehashes information already made public,

Harvey Will Be the Turning Point of the Trump Presidency

PJ Media, by Roger L. Simon Posted By: Hazymac- Thu, 31 49 2017 11:49:01 GMT Has Harvey shaken America seriously enough to diminish the cold civil war that has overtaken our country? Has it made our divisions seem at least a tiny bit more trivial? No doubt a hardcore of hate’filled bozos drunk on some witless ideology will always be with us. There´s still a market for Guy Fawkes masks for adjunct junior college professors to pretend they´re violent anarchist revolutionaries out of some Dostoevsky novel they never finished. And the tone’deaf nitwits on the L.A. City Council did choose the occasion of an ongoing massive natural disaster to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day,

Trump admin. slashes funding for Obamacare promotion

Washington Times, by Tom Howell Jr. Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Thu, 31 52 2017 11:52:03 GMT The Trump administration announced Thursday it will dramatically slash taxpayer spending on Obamacare promotion next year, reeling in millions in advertising and tying grants for “navigator” groups to how many people they signed up last year. President Obama set up the navigator program to help people understand their options on web-based insurance markets established by his signature overhaul, yet the Trump administration says nearly 100 nonprofits, health centers and other in-person assistants are tapping federal coffers will little accountability. The Health and Human Services Department said for 2018,