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A Simple Guide To The GOP’s Health Care Bills

Here’s how they’d change Obamacare.

Latest Revelation About Don Jr.’s Russia Meeting Raises Eyebrows

Rinat Akhmetshin, a former Soviet soldier who is now a lobbyist, sat in on Donald Trump’s meeting with a Russian lawyer

Sharon Tate’s Sister Doesn’t Think JLaw Is ‘Pretty Enough’ To Play The Actress

Debra Tate knew calling out Lawrence’s appearance was “horrible,” but she did it anyway.

Chechen President: ‘We Don’t Have Any Gays… Take Them From Us’

You have to see this interview to believe it.

Sierra Leonean Student Is Developing An Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

Sandra Musujusu’s research focuses on a type of breast cancer that commonly affects black women.

Wikileaks emails showed Clinton plan to hit Bernie Sanders bank scandal…

To listen to Bernie Sanders, the investigation into his wife’s banking scandal was politically motivate by Trump allies. BUT one little fact completely undermines that: Sen. Sanders has alleged that Toensing was . . .

Photos: Turkey Prepares to Observe Failed Coup Anniversary

Turkey will observe the anniversary of a failed coup attempt against Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with nationwide “Democracy Watch” marches beginning at midnight on July 15. The government has scheduled events to commemorate the occasion al…

House rejects controversial proposal to study Islam

Fox News, by Staff Posted By: KarenJ1- Fri, 14 53 2017 06:53:20 GMT The House on Friday rejected a controversial proposal that would have required the Secretary of Defense to conduct a study of “Islamic religious doctrines, concepts or schools of thought” that could be used to radicalize or recruit Islamic terrorists. The amendment offered by Rep. Trent Franks, R’Ariz., was defeated by a vote of 208’217. There were 27 Republicans who crossed the aisle to vote against the measure. The amendment would have required Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to “conduct two concurrent strategic assessments of the use of violent or unorthodox Islamic religious doctrine to support extremist or terrorist messaging and justification” within a

What’s the Difference? CNN to Republican: ‘I´m Not the Left. I´m a Journalist’

NewsBusters, by Scott Whitlock Posted By: JoniTx- Fri, 14 53 2017 06:53:35 GMT Providing some unintentional comedy, CNN anchor Poppy Harlow on Thursday lectured a conservative Congressman, telling him, “I’m not the left. I’m a journalist.” Collectively, many Americans must have thought: “What’s the difference?” The haughty defense came after Harlow demanded of Representative Jim Jordan: “Are you comfortable with that huge reduction in Medicaid funding?” Of course, the GOP health care bill does NOT cut Medicaid. Jordan pointed this out: “Remember, it is not a cut in Medicaid. It is just a reduction in the rate of growth. So it´s still going to grow a lot over the next ten years.” (Video)