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CNN’s Acosta: Huckabee Sanders’ Children ‘Behave Better’ Than Some WH Officials

Monday on CNN’s “The Lead,” network senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta said the exit of Trump communications director Anthony Scaramucci showed the Trump administration was in a state of denial about its level of chaos. Acosta said, “I would think, Jake, but this is a day of contradictions and chaos here at the White House. The incoming White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, did not want to acknowledge there was chaos in the White House.  That seems akin to denying the sky is blue. Obviously, the staff is in chaos here at the White House. She said if you want to see chaos, you can come see how my kids play at the house. My suspicion, Jake, is that her children perhaps behave better than some of the officials do inside this White House when they’re engaging in this sort of factual bickering we see all the time.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN

Trump Admin Slaps Sanctions on Venezuela’s Maduro Personally, ‘Considering’ More

The Trump administration has placed personal sanctions on Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro in response to Sunday’s fraudulent election designed to further his grip on power.

General Kelly fired Scaramucci when he didn’t want to answer to him; ESCORTED OUT…

Not only was Scaramucci escorted out like a disgruntled employee they were afraid would shoot up the place, but he was fired by General Kelly because he wouldn’t answer to him. A . . .

Sen. Rand Paul Says President Trump Planning Executive Action on Health Care

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) revealed that he spoke with President Donald Trump on Monday and told the president that he can take executive action to allow organizations to offer more affordable group health insurance plans.

FITTON: Judicial Watch Files Three Lawsuits Seeking Communications of Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe

past few days saw a significant advance in our efforts to plumb the depths of what was going on at the top of the FBI during the late stages of the Obama administration and during the early days of the Trump administration.

Howard Dean: Breitbart, ‘Right-Wing’ Media ‘Racists’

Paul Sancya/Associated Press
Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean smeared Breitbart News over the weekend by falsely claiming Breitbart News and other right-wing outlets were “racists.”

EXCLUSIVE – McDaniel: GOP Refusing to Give Up on Health Care as Democrats Celebrate Suffering

In the early hours of Friday morning, Senate Democrats could be seen cheering and taking selfies throughout the Capitol complex, celebrating the fact that millions of Americans would continue shouldering the burden of skyrocketing premiums, limited ch…