Monthly Archives: June 2017

Neil Cavuto and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee get into a SHOUTING MATCH over Trump tweets!

In a pretty entertaining but completely devoid of substance segment from Neil Cavuto, he takes on dimwit Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee who says Trump should resign because he’s unfit for the office. . . .

Trump Blasts North Korea: ‘Era of Strategic Patience’ Has ‘Failed’

President Donald Trump blasted North Korea on Friday saying the “era of strategic patience” with the regime is over during a joint statement with his South Korean counterpart.

China Flexes Military Muscle, Building ‘Very Large Underground Structures’ in South China Sea

A report updated this week suggests that China has continued to build advanced military facilities on illegally-seized reefs and artificial islands in the South China Sea, as the anniversary of an international tribunal ruling against China on the mat…

Reports: No Intimidation, Scarborough Sought Help from WH to Stop Tabloid Story About His Affair with Brzezinski

MSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough reportedly approached the White House seeking help in preventing a story about his affair with co-host Mika Brzezinski from being published in the National Enquirer — a story that differs from his account spelled out in a Washington Post oped published on Friday.

Trump Administration Accused Of Using Immigrant Kids As ‘Bait’ To Catch Parents

Officials insist the goal is to better protect the undocumented children.