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The Left´s Culture Of Contempt

Frontpage Magazine, by Daniel Greenfield Posted By: steveW- Wed, 26 37 2017 07:37:13 GMT The Atlantic’s May cover features Alec Baldwin covered in orange makeup holding up a Trump wig. The cover asks, “Can Satire Save the Republic?” What is satire saving the Republic from? Republicans. While making America safe for Socialism. After Bush won, Democrats fought back by doubling down on the ridicule. Before long they were getting their news from Jon Stewart’s smirk. Stewart spawned a whole range of imitators. Today you can find numberless clones of the Daily Show across cable and even on CBS and, soon, on NBC. The left is devoutly convinced that this snickering can save America. That it’s better than

Incident Reports Filed by Officers Who Removed Passenger From United Flight Blame Him for Injuries

Independent Journal Review, by Reid Mene Posted By: PChristopher- Wed, 26 11 2017 08:11:47 GMT A little over two weeks ago, a video surfaced showing 69’year’old passenger David Dao physically removed from his United Airlines seat and dragged down the aisle after the carrier initially said it had overbooked the flight. The video sparked a wave of backlash against United, and the hashtag #BoycottUnitedAirlines was created: Shortly thereafter, United CEO Oscar Munoz made multiple formal apologies to Dr. Dao over how he was mistreated. He also explained that Dao and the three other passengers weren´t overbooked, but had been taking seats needed for airline employees.

Increasing number of Americans are willing to drive farther, pay more for ethanol’free fuel

Washington Times, by Ben Wolfgang Posted By: Ribicon- Wed, 26 18 2017 05:18:39 GMT Ethanol’s rise over the past decade has given birth to an under’the’radar market: Americans who are willing to travel miles out of their way and pay significantly more per gallon for ethanol’free fuel. Like locally sourced food or antibiotic’free chickens and eggs, so’called E0, or “pure gas,” has generated a cultlike following willing to pay a premium. More than 12,000 service stations across the U.S. and Canada now offer E0, according to pure’ and other groups that track fuel trends. (Snip) The 2007 Renewable Fuel Standard, federal legislation passed with bipartisan support and signed by President George W. Bush,