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Igniting Ferguson: CNN Is Run Like a James Bond Villain’s In Charge

CNN chief Jeff Zucker reminds me of a James Bond villain, specifically Elliot Carver, the media megalomaniac in “Tomorrow Never Dies” played so memorably by Jonathan Pryce. If you recall, Carver manufactures chaos and sews the seeds of disaster to the benefit of his news empire. The only difference between Carver and Zucker is that Carver was after big ratings. Zucker is only after enough ratings to stay afloat. What he really wants is what Obama and all of the left want: political change through social division and chaos. Zucker’s henchman Chris Cuomo wrapped up a week of doing his part to stoke violence and destruction in the predominantly black, working class neighborhood of Ferguson with a rousing and self-serving defense of his profession, where he warned that bashing the media could be “dangerous.”  In the language of a James Bond film, this is the scene where the arch-villain monologues and justifies his villainy: — — We’re always talking about political correctness. It seems the media is one of the last places you can go and just bash all you want, all across the range, and it’s still okay. But it’s also a little dangerous because it’s one of the